Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Protecting Part Two

My son also needs to understand that the information he seeks, he seeks as a nearly thirty year old and not an adolescent. He is much more equipped to deal with the information now than he was then. He also is more caring about life beyond himself now than then too. No longer a self-centered teenager.

I too am cautious as I believe he will have questions that will fall into the current situation. I do not have a problem telling him what I have done. I am accountable. But the reasons carryover onto his father. Again, I am protecting. But there is truth in what has happened and the faults are not all mine.

The son and I have talked about some of what has gone on. He is aware of basic information. He knows I do not want a divorce and am working hard at the work of myself and what went wrong. He also knows his dad does want a divorce and is not willing to do the work. He knows that I think we can put this back together and be a family again and in fact he too believes the same thing. Of course both the son and I know it will take a great amount of work.

But I don't know how far to go into his father and I. I have tried to keep them out of this and not share much if anything with them. To protect my kids and my husband. But maybe it is time to put all the cards on the table and get all of it out in the open. Seems like most everyone else knows so why not the kids? I don't know.............

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  1. yeah, touchy situation.
    Your kids won't really understand without the truth. But, is there a limit to what kids should know about their parents? Another good question for your therapist.