Sunday, October 18, 2009


Got this email the other day from the husband:

Just to let you know I changed my payroll distributing. There or their will be $200.00 now going into the Wright-Patt account each week.

No discussion. No thought as to what this would mean to me or our situation. He seemed to think I could run this house on $800.00 a month.

After much discussion and an introduction to home finance 101, he has decided that he made a stupid decision and is not going to make the change.

However, this tells me something. While I can only control myself I also cannot allow someone else to make decisions about my life that may put me in jeopardy.

He is no longer the man I married. He is angry and hurt. Every decision he is making is coming from those emotions. And not one of them has my best interest at the core.

Time to take charge! Time to do what I need to do to protect myself. Enough with the begging and pleading.

I think I am back!

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