Sunday, October 4, 2009


That is how I feel...simply defeated. I jump through the hoops and it just isn't enough. I can't even begin to bore you and myself with the details. I am too tired. But I am defeated.

Got a haircut today. Went to the store and got the makings for veggie soup. It needs some beef bullion. I don't have any. Dyed my hair...washed that grey right out my hair I did. Made the last of the cookies I started last matter the dough was dried out and crunchy. Oh and I filled a glass with overflowed and created a river.

My gratitude list today:

1. My son and daughter in law
2. New fish in the fish tank courtesy of above
3. My uncle who defused a major meltdown with his call
4. Again, good friends or a really good one who came in time of need
5. Hair dye!

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