Monday, October 12, 2009


Eh....don't know about this one so much. Nice women. But it seems like for a group of women who want to live happier, we are pretty miserable.

Three of us are going through potential divorces. Several are going through major job transitions. One woman was deaf and going through empty nest syndrome. Others just looking for meaningful female friendships. I also think everyone there was divorced or in the process!

So what is it about middle aged women being unhappy and unfulfilled? No real conclusions. I think this might be a downer group. Not so sure. Might be good for meeting some other women to do things with outside of the group.

My interest was mostly to meet the woman who was putting on the group. I am very intrigued by her. She is a counselor and I like what I see on her website. I think she is the kind of counselor I need.

I like the counselor I have. But I don't think I am getting the work done. Talking is great...I think I need more. This woman may just have the more I want. So what is the problem? $$$$$$$$$
Isn't is always? She doesn't do insurance. $100.00 a pop. Am I worth it?

Don't ask the least not now!

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