Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Hockey Time

Off to the Hockey game. Bittersweet. I love hockey! But it is the one thing we do together. I remember the first professional hockey game we went to.

It was our anniversary and our city had just secured an NHL team. I had managed to get tickets from a friend of mine. He had really good seats. We went to dinner and the hubby had no idea where we were going afterwards. I told him I would be dropping hints throughout dinner about our destination and he had to try to figure it out.

I weaved in words about hockey, the name of the team and such. But he never got it! I finally gave him his anniversary card with the two tickets inside. He was stunned. It would be our first professional hockey game together.

I was a bit bored. He loved it. We had a wonderful night!

I have since become a great fan. Our best friends became fans as well and we have shared a package deal ever since. We have spent many nights cheering on our team.

I will miss him tonight. I will miss putting my head on his shoulder during the period. I will miss his coat across my legs when I get cold. I will miss holding his hand as we walk through the concourse. I will miss him.

It just will not be the same. But then nothing is right now.

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