Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Arbitrary

Why is it you have to be faced with losing what you love the most to appreciate what you have?

Does the journey to self-discovery always have to begin with catastrophe and pain?

Why didn't he tell me 'no' more often?

He never set boundaries. I always wanted him to set boundaries. I needed boundaries.

Why is communication so hard?

Why do the kids tell me how they feel and not him?

Riding the bus with a three year old is no big deal. And someone quit their job over it???

What has impacted my dysfunctionality (is that a word?) more, being the daughter of an alcoholic, depression or ADD?

Should I spend the $100 a session and go see the therapist I think will help me the most?

If I go to Waterbeds-n-Stuff to buy a milligram scale will I be profiled as a drug dealer?

told you my mind never stopped!

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