Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day Out With The Girls

After the mornings event, I spent the afternoon with some new friends. In this quest of mine to become new and improved I have decided I need to broaden my horizons and spectrum of friends. So I found this interesting thing on the Internet called Through it I have found several social groups that sound very interesting to me. So I joined them. Today the 'girlfriends' group met.

We met at the local mall for a movie and lunch. The woman ranged in age from I would say late 20's to low 60's. But I don't do age well so who really knows. There were around 13 of us. Two of us were newcomers. The rest knew each other from previous events.

All the women were very friendly. I hit it off with one in particular. We talked alot before the movie and then again at lunch. She and I have tentative plans for next Sat. I know I will be joining this group again for other activities.

I am excited about this as it will get me out of the house. I will make new friends outside of our current circle. The group is women only so there won't be a problem with men hitting on me. This group, unlike some of the others, does not seem to be the bar and drink scene type...a plus for me.

Forward motion....a good thing. Now the movie, Couples Retreat. I probably wouldn't have picked that as my first choice!

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