Friday, October 2, 2009


Few things to talk about:

Gun threats at school. Supposed to be a shooting on Monday. Administration sees no real threat. Not going to miss too much there when I leave next week. Well maybe somethings. I seem to have just settled in.

Went to the new school to meet the teacher and see the classroom. Got to see the afternoon class. Eight of the cutest little munchkins you have ever seen. I will go from looking up at most of my students and being to told 'kiss my ass' to looking down at them and wiping their asses. I am so excited I can't wait. No really I am!

Evening alone. Rented a that he and I have been waiting to watch together. Alas and big sigh. Haven't heard from him...trying not to call. Learning to live this life alone just simply sucks...makes me sad. So very very sad.

Right eye feels like it is going to explode. WTH? Going to take my contact out and hope it is just irritated. Don't need that!

Bottom line? Got through another day!

Sleep well least one of us should!

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