Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been haunted in my sleep. I wonder if the newly introduced pharmaceutical is making it worse. The little yellow pill that is supposed to make sleep more profound is not but instead seems to open the door for the demons to enter more easily.

Last night his family came to visit me in my sleep. Both sisters and his parents. He was there too. You see I have heard nary a word from this 'family' I considered mine for some 30 years. Well truth be told, I never really considered them my family. But more often than not I was told I was one of 'them'. No I was never one of them.

And in last night's dream, I told them how I really felt about them. The stuck up sister who has forgotten from where it is she comes...poor uneducated Appalachians. The other sister who once called me 'just the daughter in law'. Who's own marriage is in a shambles. How dare she even think about passing judgement. I told them all how I really felt about the 30 years I have spent in this family.

And in my dream he too was incensed none of them had called to check on me. That none of them thought enough of me to see if I was okay considering what was going on and what I had been through.

Then I woke up and the haze lifted. And I remembered...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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