Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day's End

I am tired. Did some things that could be called normal today and only filled a glass with tears. Progress...not so much. Just a different day.

Made some phone calls to find a psyc who is in my network and seem to have succeeded. Who knows what he is like. But the practice comes recommended by someone who was locked up with me in the cuckoo's nest. A 'why don't you call my people' kind of thing. Thanks Joella (no that is not her real name!)

Baked some cookies. Began that process last night. Fridge is bare...but there were some eggs, butter and milk so I thought I was good to go. Mixed everything together and went to get...Oh hell no....where is the flour! So in the fridge that all went and off to bed went I. Bought flour today and finished up. Adequate at best.

Watched the little boy at his tennis lessons. Then we went to celebrate his 6th birthday. Had dinner out with his Gretchen, his mom, his momo and his mam ma (that's me). The we all went to Old Navy (with the exception of his momo) where there was this darling pink tutu hanging on the rack.

Well my sick mind (and his Gretchen was a participant too I might add) was working in such a twisted demented way walking through all of those cute little girl clothes.

"Hey B, you want one of those bouncy balls in that there machine?"

"Yes Mam ma Yes"

"Well all you have to do is put this here tutu on and do a few turns for me"

"Okay if I can have a bouncy ball"

Damn this was way too easy! Off the rack the tutu came, right up the legs over the jeans and before you knew it he was twirling like a ballerina! Of course I had my camera phone snapping away. Wish I knew how to get the picture to post here so I could show you all. His mother is already threatening me if he has any future gender identification issues. And he sure does love that twenty five cent bouncy ball!

So all in all not a bad day. Not a great day. Distractions are good. Quiet lonely house bad. Off to bed for what I hope is a decent nights rest. I wish the same for you all too.

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